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June 5th, 2005

Newsletter #1
Status: Pre-production

Currently we are in pre-production.  All internal and external components are being spec'd and double checked for accuracy and fit.

 New masters for the torso, doughnut and wrists have been created and prepared for molding.  Final fiberglass molds should be finished and delivered to our fabrication company by the end of this month.

Samples of the power supply, stereo system and other electronic componets are on hand and are undergoing testing under operational conditions to ensure they work together as expected without any interference issues.

Masters for the rubber componets have been designed and are under construction as well.  I should have a sample set of legs, knees, arms and neck bellows by the end of the month.  The rubber tread belts will be an injection molded continuous loop rubber belt with the correct "v" shape.  These have been designed based on the original belt shape along with the 32 aluminum wheels.

Our current schedule calls for all component designs to be finalized by mid July.  Components for the first 10 Robots plus the pre-production proto-type have already begun to arrive.  We plan to have all required components on hand by the first of September.  The pre-production build up should be complete by October and we plan to deliver it for final approval by Synthesis Ent. and Space Productions shortly after that.

I've not taken much time off to take progress photos.  However, the animated image below shows a comparison of the original Robot's chest area and our replica's chest layout.  This was done to ensure the chest area components are laid out exactly like the original.

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