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June 25th, 2005

Newsletter #2
Status: Pre-production

We are still in the pre-production design phase.  This process involves the complete specification of every part required for the Robot.  Every nut, wire, bulb, machined part, etc. is detailed and assigned a part number.

I hesitated to show a lot of computer images of parts because Robots are not made of computer images!  But all the parts shown here are under production and should begin arriving within the next couple of weeks.

Features of note:
- Tread belts will be accurate, endless loop rubber (no splices!).  These combined with the CNC aluminum wheels and bushings will allow the Robot to be carefully pulled or pushed just like the original.
- All brain components are metal including a stainless steel, mirror finish, brain top cover, just like the original.
- The crown, seven "finger lights" and two ear sensors will all be animated as detailed in Mr. Kinoshita's original design.

Photo Gallery

Note the reflective top cover of the "brain". This little known feature combined with the reflective, rotating "crown" and flashing light bulbs really puts on a show!


Here is the layout of the brain's internal lighting. Note the photo of the original prop's light layout in the lower right corner.  Our light sockets are soldered to a printed circuit board.

Various images of the components of the bubble section.



A couple shots of the "radar" section design, based on measurements taken from the original prop.

Various images of the components of the collar.  Note the photo of the original (40 year old!) wooden jig used to create the prop's "collar ribs".


Drawings of the endless loop tread belts and one of the CNC aluminum wheels.

Including the 108 hand formed collar ribs, there are over 490 individual parts in the head section (collar and up) alone!

Although the pre-production phase often seems slow, it is probably the most important phase of the project.  In order to ensure that all 150 Robots are of the same identical quality and accuracy it is necessary to specify each part, no matter how small.  Thanks for your patience during this process!

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