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August 12th, 2005

Newsletter #3
Status: Pre-production

We are nearing the end of the design phase.  The majority of items have been designed and ordered.  New production molds for the fiberglass parts (torso, neon backplate, wrists & dount) have been created and delivered to our fiberglass fabrication facility.

We have added a functional Soil Sampler to the design!  We also hope to add additional features as we finalize the electronics package.

Photo Gallery

Photos of the neon & backplate.  Note that the front torso portion (red) is a rough test casting from the new mold. It was used during the development of the neon and backplate to ensure proper fit.  These colors do not represent the final Robot, of course.


Images of the Soil Sampler design.  As you may recall, the Robot's right foot contains the soil sampler which was used to test the planet's environment in one of the first few episodes.

Click here to download a movie (wmv format) of the soil sampler in operation.


Cutaway shot of some of the brain components. Also images of the brain, brain lighting and bubble.


Claws, straight out of the mold. Note the design provides for sycronized claw movement.


Photos of the production molds for the torso, donut, wrists & neon backplate. These are hard shell molds, not silicone. Silicone molds tend to deform and can result in poor quality parts.  Production parts will be constructed using a hand laid fiberglass mat instead of the cheaper "chop gun" method.  This results in a higher quality part with consistent finish and wall thickness.

New torso mold based on the original torso "stone molds":

Donut and wrist molds:

Assembled molds:


Treadsection design images.


Wheels and tread belts.   These images show the wheels and belts being tested for fit.   The wheels are laid out at the correct spacing to ensure the belt is the correct length.  The wheels have the correct hole patterns to match the original prop.  These holes can be seen on the original only when viewed from the correct angle.
Also note the v-grooves in the wheels and the v-shape of the belt, like the original.

Shot of the original wheels showing the holes:


Thanks for your continued interest in this project!

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