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November 25th, 2005

Newsletter #4
Status: Proto Type Delivery, Production Work.

First, I must apologize for the lack of updates!  We have been extremely busy and much progress has been made since the last newsletter in August.

The design and feature list for the Robot has been finalized.  We have finished our proto-type Robot and delivered it to the licensing agent for Space Productions located in Los Angeles.  The proto-type delivery and set up went very well and our Robot has been approved for full production!

Be sure to check out the updated Robot features list located here!

We are currently on schedule to complete the first 10 production Robots before Christmas.


Here are a couple of photos taken on the 4th of November during the delivery of the proto-type.  This first photo shows the Robot with Richard Tufeld (the voice of the Robot) my family and myself.


This next photo is of Kevin Burns (of Synthesis Entertainment), the Robot and Richard Tufeld.



Response to our Robot replica has been very strong with over 100 reservations already made.  Remember, this is a limited edition run and only 150 will be created.  Each Robot will come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA) signed by Sheila Allen (Space Productions), Kevin Burns (Synthesis Entertainment) and myself.  Each Robot has a serial number plate on the back of the right foot as well.  



Below are a selection of photos showing both the proto-type Robot construction and production parts inventory.


Thanks for your continued interest in this project!

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