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December 20th, 2005

Newsletter #5
Status: Production Update

Merry Christmas!  

We have been working diligently to attempt completion the first 10 Robots before Christmas.  Since these are the first ten we have spent considerable time building assembly jigs, paint racks, etc. which will aid us in producing quality parts consistently.  However this has taken more time then we initially estimated.  We have decided that we will not rush the production in an effort to meet our Christmas date on the first ten.

As a result, we now estimate the first 10 Robots to be finished near the end of January.   This will also give us a bit more time to complete the user's manual as well as producing a Setup and Operations video.

We will be closed from the 22nd until the 28th to celebrate Christmas and to recharge our "power packs" so we can hit the New Year running!

Again, thanks for you support and we look forward to 2006!


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