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Serial Number: 055
Owner: Carmen G.  Flemington, NJ
Delivery Date: May 2010

"Hello Mike,
Just wanted to let you know the Robot arrived Friday evening. Upon assembly he went immediately into his role of guarding his area while standing there looking "really cool". His "tact" needs some modification though. Upon engaging his soil sampler he noted concern about the cleanliness of my carpet! He also found a dime and has made no attempts in giving it back. His five day journey must have been quite grueling, stored away all alone. Since coming out of his traveling compartment he has been none stop chatter. The cat however is resting at ease knowing Robot is on the job! Hopefully the pics give you the visual perspective.
All kidding aside... Great Job in your Robot building. The detail is magnificent. A very impressive work of art!
Thanks again and the best to you!"
- Carmen G.


Serial Number: 054
Owner: Tony D. Lapeer, MI
Delivery Date: March 2010

"The Robot arrived as promised - love it!" - Tony D.

Serial Number: 053
Owner: Marco P.  Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia
Delivery Date: December 2009

"Mike, I loved the first one (Serial Number: 033) so much, that I wanted another one. Thus 053 was created. I cannot over emphasise the continued perfect dedication, professionalism and high quality product you continue to manufacture. It is a living dream having these at home – as we were are all fans of LIS, it feels and is a part of the family. The B9 always generate conversation with friends and family alike. As I work from home in the Telecommunications industry, many of my clients asked where I was so lucky to get a hold of one – I steer them in your direction. Not wanting to copy other people’s wording, I must agree whole heartedly with Greg’s comments for Serial Number 049. Great to see that someone has had the motivation, incentive and the true love of this series to create a perfect B9 replica – well done Mike & Team. Cheers and thanks again for all your collective efforts and work to date." - Marco P.


Serial Number: 052
Owner: Tom W.  Lancaster, NH
Delivery Date: August 2009

"Dear Mike,
Wanted to drop you a line and inform you about our marvelous arrival. The Robot arrived and we haven't stopped using it since. The quality is outstanding and the detail superb. We couldn't be happier. My wife would just like to know how many domestic functions it can complete in an hour! Didn't have the heart to tell her that she still has to rely on us all to help out best as we can. I know that you and your staff can be relied upon to give the best in all of your efforts because we here see the fruits of your labors every time we look at your masterpiece. Keep the quality coming. Sincerely, Tom W.


Serial Number: 051
Owner: Kelly N.  Alta Loma, CA
Delivery Date: March 2009

Just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your work and your whole operation. The attention to detail is quite incredible. The packaging was so impressive we hated to throw it away.
We hope things continue to go well for you. Take care."
- Kelly N.


Serial Number: 050
Owner: Private Collector
Delivery Date: August 2009


Serial Number: 049
Owner: Greg Y.  Kellyville, NSW, Australia
Delivery Date: January 2009

"I was advised by my freight forwarder that my B9 robot arrived into Sydney, Australia on Thursday 1 Jan 2009, New Years Day.  Therefore my B9 Robot number 049 is a " NEW " 1 Jan 2009 baby !!!

WOW Mike to say that I am VERY IMPRESSED is an understatement.  From my first impressions of the packaging and your attention to detail every where I look I am over joyed.  It is FANTASTIC and very refreshing in today's dog eat dog business world we all live in today.

I am very moved that I am now able to fulfil my boyhood dream of owning my very own B9 Robot thanks to your company.  You and your very talented team have created and produced an AMAZING replica of a very recognisable TV ICON and brought it back to life.  Your team have not only produced a very collectible iconic robot but you have all managed to capture the very essence and the personality of the B9 Robot.  This makes it even more SPECIAL.

Well Mike to you and your team keep up the OUTSTANDING WORK and the ATTENTION to detail, as it is this that makes you stand out from the rest.  Mike I wish to thank you formally for your quick responses to any of my concerns or questions over the years regarding this project and the lead up to having one of your B9 Robots in my home.

I wish you continued success for the remaining B9 Robots as I am sure their are still many others in the world today that want to offer a home for this truly AMAZING work of art.
Until we speak again, " Don' t Get Lost In Space "
- Greg Y.


Serial Number: 048
Owner: Kevin A.  Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia
Delivery Date: October 2008

"The Robot was a big hit on Friday... It’s full steam ahead here renovating... I’ve set aside a primary position for B9 and I’m designing the floor and walls based on his holding area on the Jupiter 2. I will also be making up the ring unit above him so he looks the part." - Kevin A.

Serial Number: 047
Owner: Jerry R.  Arlington, TX
Delivery Date: August 2008

"I am sitting here looking at it as we speak. To say we are pleased would be an understatement! The replica exceed our expectations in every way!" - Jerry R.

Serial Number: 046
Owner: Robert G.  Kingston, NY
Delivery Date: November 2008

"The Robot arrived safely today, great packaging!" - Robert G.

Serial Number: 045
Owner: Toby C.  Berkshire, Great Britan
Delivery Date: September 2008

"Couldn't resist a quick look, all seems well in each box, bubble OK, neon OK, role on tomorrow.
Can't imagine I'll get much sleep with him siting downstairs, its like being a child on Christmas Eve night...

Well here's a surprise, I didn't go to bed after all. As I type this he's standing nearby talking his head off, or should that be bubble off.  I have to say I'm very impressed!"
- Toby C.

Serial Number: 044
Owner: Rolando G.  Rio Grande City, TX
Delivery Date: August 2008

" The Robot is awe inspiring. I still have not "shown it off" to my sci-fi friends yet, but soon.
Thank you again for such a fine piece of machinery that was hand crafted in the USA. " - Rolando G.

Serial Number: 043
Owner: Jim W.  Batavia, ILM
Delivery Date: July 2008

"He is operational and great!
We are having a toast to the coolest robot ever!"
- Jim W.

Serial Number: 042
Owner: John C.  Baltimore, MD
Delivery Date: June 2008

"Mike Joyce has created the most accurate and detailed B9 I have seen.
My family and friends cannot get over how great the B9 looks and operates.
This B9 is light years ahead of any other B9 created to date.
Mike is very professional in every aspect, from the packing to delivery of the your B9.
He will go the extra mile to make everyone a 100% satisfied.
Thank you"
- John C.


Serial Number: 041
Owner: Michael A. Brooklyn, NY
Delivery Date: June 2008

"He's here! Finally, one of the finest creations ever made now in its home, my home in Brooklyn New York. Gorgeous. Outstanding. A marvel! My thanks to yourself and your crew and family for making this possible.

I used to prefer first season. Now, I'm sold with the colorful claws and ears. He's fine just as he is. I love it!

I could cry. All these years and my dream finally came true. Extremely pleased. No doubt in my mind a winner! Thanks a million!"
- Michael A.

Serial Number: 040
Owner: Brian A.  Albuquerque, NM
Delivery Date: Mar 2008

"I received the robot today and it is incredible!" - Brian A.

Serial Number: 039
Owner: Anthony B.  Massapequa, NY
Delivery Date: Mar 2008

"you did a great job with the production and shipping of the robot" - Anthony B.

Serial Number: 038
Owner: Greg S. & Terry C, Dallas, TX
Delivery Date: May 2008

"We have collected several smaller B9 replicas over the years, but until recently we never imagined that we would have a life-size B9 robot.  We are both THRILLED to have #038.  The craftsmanship and quality of Mike's products is outstanding - no detail has been overlooked.  The robot arrived on time, protected by excellent shipping materials.  The instructional DVD on how to assemble B9 couldn't be any clearer.  This is truly a collector's item that we expect will increase in value over time.  THANK YOU to Mike and his team!" - Greg S & Terry C.

Serial Number: 037
Owner: Geoff S.  Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Delivery Date: May 2008

"There are many envious guys in the cul de
I' m sure they are now badgering their wives for a b9 as well"
- Geoff S.

Serial Number: 036
Owner: Gretchen & Steve.  Encino, CA
Delivery Date: Jan 2008

"We GREATLY appreciate everything you've done, as I'm sure do all of the other proud "parents" of the other B-9s!" - Gretchen.


Serial Number: 035
Owner: Dan B.  New Albany, OH
Delivery Date: Jan 2008

Serial Number: 034
Owner: Frederic T.  Herndon, VA
Delivery Date: Jan 2008

"Package was delivered today just as promised and is an absolute work of art!!!!!!
Thats really the best way to describe the B9.....its an interactive work of art!
Ideal for showcasing the boy in the man!!!!!
  My eight year old was off of school today (teachers work day here in Virginia) and he is the same age that I was when I fell in love with the original television show and is now experiencing it for the first time on DVD......he was literally jumping up and down in the garage as he helped his nanny and I assemble the unit.
  You were correct when you said it was a very short and easy assembly....nothing to it and it was pure fun to watch the machine come to life through our efforts.
  Eventually I will display it in a home theatre setting in a new house I am building.
I fondly recall having several of the toy Remco B9 replicas as a child and this is perfect.
It's true when they say that the only difference between a man and a boy is the price of their toys!!!!."
- Frederic T.

Serial Number: 033
Owner: Marco P.  Cheltenham Victoria, Australia
Delivery Date: Mar 2008

"Mike, having waited for quite a while for the B9 to be made and shipped half way across the world was definitely worth the wait. It is hard and difficult to express one’s gratitude upon receiving such a wonderful piece of art as manufactured by yourself and the team. Upon reading the various testimonials, I must agree with them, your dedication to providing a truly detailed replica does you and the team justice. Having the initial audio snag was but a minor incident in the concept of the whole robot which was fixed easily after a few emails with yourself (I suppose not many electronics like to be jostled about – especially from the US to the best country down under – Australia). The pre and post sales support and your continued dedication to your customers is highly commended and appreciated. I have attached a picture of our friend the B9 and our daughter Isabella." - Marco P.


Serial Number: 032
Owner: Richard N.  Hampshire, United Kingdom
Delivery Date: Nov 2007

"Dear Mike, just a quickie to let you know 032 has arrived safe and well, he is a work of art." - Richard N.

Serial Number: 031
Owner: Richard P.  Boise, ID
Delivery Date: Dec 2007

"Hi Mike & B-9 Creations,

I am sending this email to compliment the superior work you put forth on the B9 robot.  It is my #1 most prized possession and will be for the rest of my life.  Mr. Tufeld's voice overtures make it even more special.  From the remote control to the power pack to the 500 plus sayings to the bubble head--your sensitivity to detail is remarkable.  You definitely are a 'rocket scientist' in my book.

Sincerely, Dr. Rich & family."
- Richard P.


Serial Number: 030
Owner: Kamel M.  Cairo, Egypt
Delivery Date: Nov 2007

"Thank you! " - Kamel M.

Serial Number: 029
Owner: Peter C.  Liverpool, NY
Delivery Date: Nov 2007

"Friends and family that have seen your beautiful recreation simply marvel at how perfect he is. I enjoy my childhood friend very much. Thanks for making such a childhood dream a reality." - Peter C.

Serial Number: 028
Owner: Randy P.  Long Beach, CA
Delivery Date: Sep 2007

"It's so nice to see this project being done by someone who is doing such a professional job on it." - Randy P.


Serial Number: 027
Owner: David S.  CT
Delivery Date: Aug 2007

"The robot is F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C!!!!" - David S.


Serial Number: 026
Owner: Damian S.  Sydney, Australia
Delivery Date: Aug 2007

"Yes he's here! - sorry I didn't get back sooner.  Unbelievable.  What a professional product.  Just glorious." - Damian S.


Serial Number: 025
Owner: Alan C.   Wheaton, IL
Delivery Date: Jul 2007

"Below are images of the B9 Robot set up in my basement.  I want to thank you for your wonderful work.  The quality and thoughtfulness of your engineering is superb and very apparent.  Your attention to detail and customer support is also much appreciated.  Visitors seeing the robot are absolutely "blown away" and it is great fun watching their reactions." - Alan C.


Serial Number: 024
Owner: Hideichiro T.    Osaka, Japan
Delivery Date: Aug 2007

    "I am happy to receive Robot through my agent in USA in safely.  Thank you very much for your help and assistance." - Hideichiro T.

Serial Number: 023
Owner: Edward B. Queen Creek, AZ
Delivery Date: Jul 2007

"We got the Robot all up and running perfectly.  It is hard to find words that have not been said about the detail, quality, and how truly special this is for everyone.  It is so much fun to be 7 years old again!  I can't stop looking and smiling and feeling those Christmas goose bumps from long ago.  He is simply magnificent and echoes his creator in every way.  Thank you Mike Joyce!." - Edward B.


Serial Number: 022
Owner: George P.  Victoria, Australia
Delivery Date: Jun 2007

"Who’d ever thought that watching Lost in Space as a kid that someday I would have the opportunity to own my very own B9 Robot.  Hats off to you and your team for attempting such a mammoth project and for making this possible.  He is simply awesome!  Your attention to detail and his electronic functions are amazing.  Congratulations again on such an exquisite product and I wish you and your team all the success in the future.
George P."

Serial Number: 021
Owner: Joe K.  Chattanooga, TN
Delivery Date: October 2006

"I appreciate the follow-up and keep up the good work!


Serial Number: 020
Owner: Mike H.  Enid, OK
Delivery Date: August 2006

"Mike, I just wanted to pay my compliments to the fine work you and your crew did regarding this project….what a task!  While unpackaging and setting up this replica, I simply could not believe the quality of construction and the precision of all its components.  To see this piece operating is absolutely stunning.  All my friends are awestruck by the features incorporated into this Robot.  As the Robot says, “I am by far the finest B9 replica ever manufactured.”  Who am I to argue with a Robot!  Your attention to detail is simply remarkable.  Since I was a child, I have owned so many smaller models and toys of B9, but I would have never dreamed that I would ever own my very own “full size” B9.  Thanks so much for making my childhood dreams come true.
Regards, Mike T.

Serial Number: 019
Owner: Brian T.  Newman, CA
Delivery Date: November 2006

"Hi Mike,
The Eagle has landed! Beautiful work!!! Thank you *so* much!!! The robot has been assembled and tested (all appears to be well mechanically - very cool!).

Brian T."


Serial Number: 018
Owner: Maharani P. Palos Verde. CA
Delivery Date: February 2007

"... my ever growing admiration for the B9 that I like to think you specically made for me.  Because the Robot is just so wonderous and fantastic, it makes me feel special to have it graceing my life every day.  Really!  The best present I have ever acquired for myself, absolutely!
Maharani "


Serial Number: 017
Owner: John R. N. Hollywood, CA
Delivery Date: February 2007

"Mike, I assembled the Robot today.  Packaging alone should warrant praise.  You really have made something special." - John R.


Serial Number: 016
Owner: Kirk R. N. Hollywood, CA
Delivery Date: January 2007

"Mike, he’s here, he’s setup and he’s incredible!  Thanks again!" - Kirk R.


Serial Number: 015
Owner: Michael D. Stewartsville, NJ
Delivery Date: December 2006

"Dear Mike and all involved at B9 Creations!
What can I say!  The robot is truly amazing to say the least.  From the packaging to every minute detail on the robot itself!  He is certainly beyond my expectations and makes a lasting impression on everyone who meets him.  Thanks for making a dream come true.  I can still remember my first time seeing the robot on my parent’s black and white television in 1965 when the series debuted.  I will keep him for the rest of my lifetime.   Thanks again!" - Mike D.


Serial Number: 014
Owner: Paul K. North Las Vegas, NV
Delivery Date: November 2006

"Mike,  Just a quick note to let you know the Robot arrived today safe and sound.   Everything looks just great and the truck driver who dropped it off even moved it into my garage.  I think he was more excited than I was.  Excellent packing and didn't have any problems with set up.  I can't stop looking at it.  Thanks again for everything." - Paul K.


Serial Number: 013
Owner: Neil H. Perth, Western Australia
Delivery Date: September 2006

"What more can I say, Fantastic !  Brilliant !  Amazing !
I was one of the ICON's customers who lost their money many years ago, but was determined to not let the dream of having the Lost in Space B9 disappear.  Now it has arrived, I couldn't be happier; the quality, features and vocal 'surprises' continue to amaze me and the ever increasing group of admirers.
Perth, Western Australia is a long way from the USA but I can assure you that Lost in Space fans span the globe.  Thank you Mike and the crew for your attention to the finest detail in producing such a high quality Robot, much more than I expected.  Best wishes for the rest of them !
" - Neil H.


Serial Number: 012
Owner: Mike H.  Enid, OK
Delivery Date: August 2006

"Mike, received the Robot today, setup all went well, it's great!
Thanks,  Mike H.

Serial Number: 011
Owner: Rick K.  Oakwood, IL
Delivery Date: May 2006

"Michael and team have created the ultimate B9 replica.  It is like what being on the set of LOST IN SPACE must have been like.  Thank you so much for making my boyhood dreams come to life. My robot will be patrolling our basement from now on.
What more can I say?  The attention to detail in this replica is simply stunning.  I wish the best for the remainder of this project to you.
Sincerely, Rick K.


Serial Number: 010
Owner: Billy S.  Kingman, AZ
Delivery Date: April 2006

"For most of my life the Lost in Space Robot has been one of my most favorite things and I loved my Remco robot when I was a kid.  Although I always wanted a real full size B9 robot I never thought it would logistically be possible.  However, I am very proud, and honored, to finally have a full size B9 thanks to Mike Joyce at B9 Creations.  The craftsmanship of this robot is truly amazing--the quality and detail are more than I expected.  I love the robot's phrases and the soil sampler is very clever.  My friends and family really enjoy the robot as much as I do.  I am very grateful for Mike and B9 Creations for allowing me to finally have my own B9 robot which I will have forever" - Billy S.


Serial Number: 9
Owner: Sheila Allen, CA - Donated to the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex, Florida
Delivery Date: June 8th, 2007

On June 8th 2007, during the pre-launch activities for the Space Shuttle "Atlantis", Sheila Allen donated B9 Replica number 9 to NASA.  The Robot was donated in memory of Irwin Allen, creator of Lost In Space.  The Robot is to go on public display at the KSC Visitors Complex.


Serial Number: 008
Owner: John R.  Las Vegas, NV
Delivery Date: April 2006

"Mike the Robot exceeded my expectations.  Wow what a project it must have been.  I wake every morning and when I see my very own B-9 Robot, I smile ear to ear.  I'm very impressed with the quality, workmanship, and dedication, down to every last detail.  I've had few friends over to the house over the last several weeks, and If I don't say anything before they get there they think It's the real B-9 from "Lost in Space".  I can't say enough about the Robot, thank you for a job well done, and for the work of art that it is.    Best regards, John R."


Serial Number: 007
Owner: John B.  Charlotte, NC
Delivery Date: April 2006

"I just wanted to say how awesome your version of the full size B-9 Robot is.  I previously owned a classics reborn version and this is light years ahead in both features as well as the overall construction.  Even my wife was amazed on the quality that was put into this piece.  This will definitely be the crowning jewel of my sci- fi collection for years to come!  Thanks for your professionalism and the smooth manner in which the whole transaction took place.  I wish you and your company all the best." - John B.


Serial Number: 006
Owner: Laird L.  Euless, TX
Delivery Date: April 2006

"Mike Joyce and the crew of B9 Creations are absolutely the finest folks one could hope to do business.  Our B-9 #006 is the greatest artwork I have ever seen.  Every single expectation I had was surpassed.  Mike's work ethic and integrity is what one would expect from a USAF B-1 pilot!!!  I jumped at the chance to purchase #006 at the full retail price and could not be happier.  This is one of the soundest investments I have made.  Thanks for an outstanding experience and for making dreams come true. " - Laird L.


Serial Number: 005
Owner: Rick G.  Wilmington, DE
Delivery Date: March 2006

"Hi Mike,  ---- Who would have thought 40 years ago, sitting in front of the TV watching Lost In Space ( I was 7 ) that in 2006 I would have my own B-9.  When I turn my B-9 on, I think back to those days when I was a kid.  When my friends come over or I'm by myself, we just turn him on and sit back and watch and listen.  This was a once in a life time chance to get a real B-9 and I'm glad I did.  I'm very pleased I got my Robot B-9" - Rick G.


Serial Number: 004
Owner: Patrick W.  Petaluma, CA
Delivery Date: March 2006

"It was a real pleasure meeting with you last week.  The robot is awesome.  Definitely everything that you advertised and more.  My brother and I are still awestruck to the quality and attention to detail.  The voice tracks are so much fun to listen to and seem never ending.  It's surreal to see this robot in his warehouse with the lights, sound, and animation.  This is a robot that we have come to love since watching LIS episodes in syndication during the early 70's.  Now I have one.  WOW.  It's a dream come true.  My brother really wants one too and can't wait for it to be completed.  Unfortunately he is pretty far down the list." - Patrick W.

Serial Number: 003
Owner: Jon J. (Synthesis Entertainment)  Los Angeles, CA
Delivery Date: March 2006

"My family and I are thrilled with the newest addition to our family.  The care and craftsmanship that went into the creation of our B9 exceeds even the most exacting standards.  Mike is an artist and we feel fortunate to have been able to avail ourselves of his efforts.  I must admit to a few double (and even triple) takes from unsuspecting visitors upon entering the family room in which our newest tenant now stands guard.  Thank you for your aspiring to excellence and for achieving it." - Jon J.

Serial Number: 002
Owner: Richard M.  North Vancouver, BC Canada
Delivery Date: March 2006

"The "B9C" is a fantastic achievement! I believe it's safe to say, that Michael Joyce's B9 replica is superior in quality, accuracy, and features, to any other commercially produced B9 replica ever attempted or built.  Moreover, it's as beautiful inside, as out, due to the solid engineering, and the impressive choice of materials used in its construction.  With little exception, Michael has met my very high expectations for this ambitious replica, and has never failed to impress me with his forthright and professional conduct in this endeavor.

To paraphrase Michael: Measure twice, cut once...and build HUNDREDS!  I wish Michael, his crew, and his all-supportive family, every success!" -
Richard M.


Serial Number: 001
Owner: Mike  Deadwood, SD
Delivery Date: March 2006

"We are doing this because we love it!  So of course I had to keep #001 for myself!" - Mike Joyce

Serial Number: 000 (Prototype)
Owner: Kevin B. ( Synthesis Entertainment )  Los Angeles, CA
Delivery Date: November 2005

"I've seen everything from the original "hero" and the "flying stunt double" to B9 Robot salt and pepper shakers and Christmas ornaments!  None of them compares to B9 Creations' incredible Robot!  It isn't fair to call it a "replica" -- because no previous B9 was ever constructed this well or engineered to do all the things this one does!  Three cheers to Mike Joyce and everyone on his creative team.  They managed to do what others had promised to do -- but couldn't.  Mike is a perfectionist in everything he does.  He's also a very honest and honorable person.  The fact that Dick Tufeld recorded dozens of new Robot lines (and a few custom ones just for me) makes everything all the more exciting.  I'm proud to have this incredible work of art in my home!" - Kevin B.

Lost in Space® and Robot B9™ are 2005 Space Productions.  All rights reserved.
Lost in Space® is a registered trademark of Space Productions licensed by Synthesis Entertainment.

"Measure Twice, Cut Once"

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